domingo, 25 de janeiro de 2015

Zermatt, 24.01.2015 

Let's face it.
I don't want to be cool or nice or even fair.
I just want to be real.
That supposes me too be cool and nice and fair,
Not all the time.
When i am none of that, chances are,
I am judgmental, distant or even unfair.

How can i accept this in me
When i can't accept it to be in the world?
That is the root of the problem.
What problem?
One day i think, no problems.
Only solutions.
Next day, i hope for another day to come,
Cause too many problems.

Someone said,
It is frightening to watch a soul expressing itself:
It is the logical expression of a contradiction.
So everyday i try to satisfy my contradictory beliefs,
Always working for a balanced path for this journey.
But how can that be possible,
When my beliefs are nothing but the remaining energy
Of someone else's thoughts and ideologies?

No doubts the human mind is something special,
A distinct queen in the whole animal kingdom.
How the flow comes and goes is still a mystery.
Why, oh why, should i be worried about such things?
It's not worrisomeness.
Curiosity, they might call it.
I don't know what it is.
I just know i need to know it.

But i know i'll die without knowing it.
Does it matter really?
It doesn't.
But it is what makes me going on.
And that is the secret of life.
No purpose, no end, no meaning.
Just keep going on, life says.
So let's follow its laws.

Cause no person, no job, no government, no philosophy
Should come and say, do this.
Truth is, they do it.
All the time.
Fuck them. I want life.
I want sunrises and sunsets and the moon and the stars.
Everyday. And everynight.

And everyday and everynight i have them.
We all have them.
Life is here, we are life.
We have what we want.
We say we don't.
But we do.
That's the truth.
But the truth is no more than illusion.