sexta-feira, 23 de maio de 2014

Varanasi, 17 May 2014

India is a perfect sample of the world we happen to be living in. Misery, chaos, despair, pain, discomfort, separation, unfairness, beauty, love, joy, union, simplicity, devotion, warmness. All these concepts are accurate to try to describe the wholeness of the human being and of our world. But while in our countries we live most of the time distracted by the regular patterns and the comfort our society offers - and as a consequence those notions appear to us mostly in our consciousness in the form of thoughts - here we dont think about them. We are instead completely invaded by them and we become them because they are a permanent part of the visible reality. We perceive them all the time and everywhere and there is no possible way to escape. We feel alive as much as we see and breathe and we accept what it means to be alive without having to think about it, because there is no place for thinking when we feel reality is violently offering us the possibility to be sensed as a whole. If nothing of what i see seems to be right or fair, i can say at least that it is true. And the more i live, the more i am convinced that truth is all that matters.